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Embrace the future with our NFC solutions.

Interactive 3D Card Gallery
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Effortless Connectivity

Tap to seamlessly connect your NFC-enabled device with other devices.

Professional Networking

✅ Exchange information by tapping NFC-enabled devices, allowing for quick and paperless sharing of contact information, saving you time and reducing paper waste at networking events.

Information Sharing

Share information instantly by tapping your NFC-enabled device with others, perfect for exchanging contacts or URLs.

1 Card, Multiple Options

Business Card

Share your contact details and links to your website, all of your social channels.

Landing Page

Your own personal landing page, links to your website, all of your social channels.

Lead Generation

Share your contact details and receive the other persons contact info.

Link to any URL

Send people straight to your website or any other link with the Beem digital business card.

Beem Cards Vs Paper Cards

Business Cards: Advantages and Disadvantages
Advantages of Digital Business Cards
  • Easily shareable via NFC or QR code.
  • Digital business cards can include clickable links to websites, social media profiles, or email addresses.
  • Environmentally friendly, reducing paper waste.
  • Can be updated without reprints or extra costs.
  • Provides more information in a compact format.
Disadvantages of Paper Business Cards
  • Limited space for information; difficult to update.
  • Prone to damage, loss, or fading.
  • Higher environmental impact due to paper usage and printing.
  • Requires physical presence to share.
  • Can be costly to print and reprint.
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Testimonial Cards

"Beem Cards revolutionized how I network! Now, I can effortlessly share my contact details and LinkedIn profile with just a tap. It's convenient and professional."

Sarah Johnson
Sales Manager


"I love how Beem Cards helps me stand out in a digital world. It's eco-friendly and saves me from carrying physical business cards. A must-have for any professional!"

Michael Smith
CEO, Marketing Director


"Beem Cards has simplified my networking game. The sleek design and ease of use make it a standout tool for anyone looking to make a lasting impression."

Emily Brown
Freelance Graphic Designer

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Pricing Table Slider with Business Card
Price: $29.99
Durable and versatile Classic NFC card, ideal for everyday use.
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Frequently asked questions

FAQ Section
What is an NFC-enabled business card?
An NFC-enabled business card uses Near Field Communication to share contact information with a tap against another NFC-enabled device.
Are NFC cards compatible with my smartphone?
Most modern smartphones support NFC technology, making them compatible with NFC cards. Some older phones may have to enable NFC manually within the settings, and phones older than 9 years will still be able to access profiles via scanning the QR code.
Can I use digital business cards for marketing purposes?
Yes, you can include links to websites, social media, or multimedia content, making them versatile for marketing.
What are the benefits of using a digital business card over a paper card?
Digital business cards are eco-friendly, easily updated, and can include interactive features like clickable links or multimedia content.
Do I need any special apps to read Beem NFC business cards?
No, you don't need a specific app to use NFC cards.
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